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The mission of the DEP Central Chemistry Laboratory is to provide to the Department a full range of the highest quality environmental analytical services available. To meet the goals of the mission, the Chemistry Section employs a large staff of professional chemists and technicians trained in the use of sophisticated, state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation. The Section also provides contract management services, expert witnesses, technical guidance and analytical laboratory support for the DEP and the state water management districts, environmental operations of other state agencies and commissions, as well as local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The laboratory participates in a number of proficiency evaluation studies to ensure quality objectives are met. Chemistry Section staff actively participate in technical issues facing the Department and provide technical and logistical support to a number of programs.

Chemistry Section Analytical Capabilities:

Pesticide and Herbicide Analysis of waters, soils, sediments, wastes and biological tissues Organic Priority Pollutant Analyses for volatile and semi-volatile compounds Metals Analyses using a variety of sensitive and selective techniques Nitrogen and Phosphorus Nutrient Analyses Major Anion Analyses Gross Physical and Chemical Characterizations Ultra-Trace Mercury Analyses RCRA Waste Characterizations Field Support Operations Technical Support and Consultative Services Electronic Data Reporting

The chemistry laboratory is continually updating and improving methodologies for analytical measurements and developing new techniques for analyzing environmental contaminants. Few environmental laboratories in the U.S. rival the DEP Chemistry Laboratory in terms of range of services, quality and sophistication.

Chemistry Section Sampling Support:

The Chemistry Section supports its District sampling effort by providing sampling kits and LIMS support. These are inhouse, internal activities that are not provided to the public as a service.

The Containers and Preservation and  Packing and Shipping SOPS will provide information to organizations that send samples directly to the DEP Central Laboratory for analysis.

For more information, please contact John Watts in the Laboratory Support Section, (850) 245-8077.

For general sampling information, please see DEP SOPs. For those not familiar with accepted sampling protocols, this document should be consulted prior to sampling.

LIMS Support:

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Central Laboratory provides analytical services to the Department and other government agencies. For information on how to schedule analyses with the Laboratory please contact one of the people listed below. If both Chemistry and Biology analyses need to be scheduled, contact only one section and they will coordinate with the other section.

Chemistry Section Biology Section Lab Support Section
(850) 245-8085 (850) 245-8177 (850) 245-8076
Tim Fitzpatrick Cheryl Swanson Kathleen Lurding



Last updated: May 02, 2016

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