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The Department of Environmental Protection Biology Section specializes in studies of the nature and extent of man-made disturbances to the aquatic systems of Florida. By providing a full range of environmental services, including field sampling, a wide array of laboratory analyses, and the ability to provide thorough technical review and interpretations of the data, it helps the Department carry out its mission to protect, conserve, and manage the air, water, and natural resources of the state. Information generated by the Biology Section is particularly useful to those who must make regulatory or ecosystem management decisions.

The biological laboratory emphasizes determining the relative health of biological communities, both the structural and functional attributes. This often is a more direct and sensitive measure of an ecosystem's health than using traditional chemical methods alone.

The Biology Section is also responsible for the management of the Statewide Biological Database. This database of species-level data was developed in the early 1990's in response to the need for centralization of biological data collected over the past 40 years by DEP and its predecessor agencies.



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