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Coastal Data Acquisition

The program provides technical assistance and expertise to the WRM Beaches and Coastal Systems (BCS) program by processing, and providing data related to: coastal processes; shoreline and dune erosion; inlet and project management; coastal monitoring and project performance; and coastal Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The Coastal Data Acquisition (CDA) Section also assists by formulating technical support for BCS policies, and with emergency response activities.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Establish shoreline, inlet and project monitoring guidelines and methodologies
  2. Collect regional monitoring data
  3. Integrate monitoring data and analytical tools with PC based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software
  4. Develop, manage and update GIS database and applications for the WRM Beaches and Coastal Systems GIS users and the public
  5. Assist with BCS emergency response and special studies activities following hurricanes, tropical storms and other weather systems impacting Florida's coast

Statewide Coastal Monitoring Program

The WRM Beaches and Coastal Systems program (BCS) is responsible for programs for the protection and management of beaches and coastal systems of the State of Florida. This responsibility includes the accurate measurement and analysis of data to document the condition of the State's beaches and coastal systems, in particular the status of beach erosion, for the purposes of managing coastal development and natural resources.

The Regional Data Collection and Processing component of the Statewide Coastal Monitoring Program is the first volume to address statewide monitoring in the State of Florida and outlines the minimum data collection effort necessary to accomplish the BCS program goals. It includes a combination of in-house and contracted work efforts which provide for complete statewide coverage of the BCS program jurisdictional areas on a four-year cycle.

Shoreline Surveying and Monitoring

The Coastal Data Acquisition program is charged with monitoring and surveying the state's 825 miles of sandy beaches.  The data collected by the program serves as the foundation for all of the Water Resource Management, BCS program functions by providing a technical basis for permit review, establishment and restudy of coastal construction control lines and their administration, monitoring of shoreline changes, as well as providing a basis for assessing the need for beach restoration, nourishment, revegetation and other beach erosion control projects.  The program regularly conducts beach profile surveys (onshore and offshore topography), aerial shoreline photography, and shoreline video.

Coastal Construction Control Line Information Request Form

Critical Erosion Report

Staff Contacts

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Last updated: January 22, 2016

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