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Environmental Resource Permitting (ERP) and Sovereign Submerged Lands (SSL) Rules

Forms of the Environmental Resource Permitting and Submerged Lands Programs

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Environmental Resource Permitting
Pursuant to Chapter 62-330, F.A.C.

All 62-330 forms, in MSWord format, are also available! 12 MB

Application Notices and Forms

Request for Verification of an Exemption 62-330.050(1)
Notice of Intent to Construct a Minor Silvicultural System 62-330.0511(1)
Notice of Intent to Use an Environmental Resource General Permit 62-330.402(1)
62-330.060(1) - Joint Application for Individual And Conceptual Environmental Resource Permit/Authorization to Use N/A - See associated
sections below
Section A: State-Owned Submerged Lands/Federal Dredge and Fill Permit 62-330.060(1) Sec. A
Section B: For Single-Family Projects    62-330.060(1) Sec. B
Section C: Supplemental Information for Works or Other Activities In, On, Over Wetlands and/or Other Surface Waters   62-330.060(1) Sec. C
Section D: Supplemental Information For Works or Activities Within Surface Waters (Other Than a Single Family Project)    62-330.060(1) Sec. D
Section E: Supplemental Information Required for Works or Other Activities Involving a Water Management System (Other Than a Single Family Project)   62-330.060(1) Sec. E
Section F: Application For Authorization to Use State-Owned Submerged Lands   62-330.060(1) Sec. F
Section G: Supplemental Information Required for Mitigation Banks   62-330.060(1) Sec. G
Section H: Supplemental Information for Applications for Environmental Resource Permits Involving Stormwater Management Systems for Mines    62-330.060(1) Sec. H
 Joint Application Form Instructions, Agency Contacts, and Application Fees 62-330.060(1)
Attachments 1-3:

Wetland Determination

Petition for a Formal Determination of the Landward  Extent of Wetlands and Other Surface Waters 62-330.201(1)

Financial Assurance for Mitigation

Performance Bond To Demonstrate Financial Assurance for Mitigation 62-330.301(1)
Irrevocable Letter of Credit To Demonstrate Financial Assurance for Mitigation 62-330.301(2)
Standby Trust Fund Agreement to Demonstrate Financial Assurance for Mitigation 62-330.301(3)
Trust Fund Agreement to Demonstrate Financial Assurance for Mitigationn 62-330.301(4)
Escrow Agreement 62-330.301(5)
Guarantee Bond To Demonstrate Financial Assurance for Mitigation 62-330.301(6)

Conservation Easement

Deed of Conservation Easement — Standard 62-330.301(8)
Deed of Conservation Easement – Standard, With Third Party Beneficiary 62-330.301(9)
Deed of Conservation Easement — Passive Recreational Uses 62-330.301(10)
Deed of Conservation Easement — Riparian Uses 62-330.301(11)
Deed of Conservation Easement for Local Governments 62-330.301(12)
Deed of Conservation Easement with Third Party Beneficiary Rights to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 62-330.301(13)
Declaration of Restrictive Covenants 62-330.301(14)
Declaration of Restrictive Covenants -- Insert 62-330.301(15)
Temporary Easement for Construction Access 62-330.301(16)
Permanent Access Easement 62-330.301(17)

Post Issuance

As-Built Certification and Request for Conversion to Operation Phase 62-330.310(1)
Request for Transfer of Environmental Resource Permit to the Perpetual Operation Entity 62-330.310(2)
Construction Completion and Inspection Certification for Activities Associated With a Private Single-Family Dwelling Unit 62-330.310(3)
Request to Transfer Permit 62-330.340(1)
Construction Commencement Notice 62-330.350(1)

Operation and Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance Inspection Certification 62-330.311(1)
Agreement to Maintain Public Access 62-330.417(1)
Agreement to Maintain Public Access and Operate Stormwater Systems 62-330.417(2)


Regional Stormwater Management System Annual Report 62-330.311(2)

Agency Use

Recorded Notice of Environmental Resource Permit 62-330.090(1)
Emergency Field Authorization 62-330.360(1)

Fee Schedules related to Chapter 62-330

Mitigation Banking Forms Pursuant to Chapter 62-342, F.A.C. are available from the Mitigation Banking website.

Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method
Chapter 62-345, F.A.C.

Part I – Qualitative Description (Microsoft Excel format) 62-345.900(1)
Part II - Quantification of Assessment Area (Microsoft Excel format) 62-345.900(2)
Mitigation Determination Formulas (Microsoft Excel format) 62-345.900(3)

Mangrove Trimming

Notice of Intent to Use General Permit For Mangrove Trimming or Application
for Individual Permit to Alter or Trim Mangroves pursuant to Section 403.9327,
Florida Statutes, or Section 403.9328, F.S.
NOI Mangrove Trimming

State  Programmatic General Permit

General Conditions (Adobe PDF Format) SPGP IV-R1
 Permit Instrument (Adobe PDF Format) SPGP IV-R1

Coordination Agreement between the US Army Corps of Engineers
(Jacksonville District) and the Florida Department of Environmental
Protection (Adobe PDF Format)

Coordination Agreement

Federally Threatened or Endangered Species and Candidate Species
for Federal Listing in Florida Counties (Adobe PDF Format)

Attachment 1
272 kb

Manatee Key April 2013 (Adobe PDF Format) Attachment 2
Standard Manatee Construction Conditions March 2011 (Adobe PDF Format) Attachment 3
General Dock Construction Guidelines (Adobe PDF Format) Attachment 4
Johnson's Seagrass Construction Key (Adobe PDF Format) Attachment 5
Corps Field Office County Permitting Responsibilities (Adobe PDF Format) Attachment 6
Gulf Sturgeon Critical Habitat Maps (Adobe PDF Format) Attachment 7
Beach Mice Habitat (Adobe PDF Format) Attachment 8
Wood Stork Nesting Colony Locations (Adobe PDF Format) Attachment 9
FWS Bald Eagle Clearance Letter (Adobe PDF Format) Attachment 10
American Crocodile Critical Habitat (Adobe PDF Format) Attachment 11
Johnson's Seagrass Critical Habitat (Adobe PDF Format) Attachment 12
1.4 mb
Florida Panther Consultation Area (Adobe PDF Format) Attachment 13
111 kb
Sea Turtle and Smalltooth Sawfish Construction Conditions (Adobe PDF Format) Attachment 14

Proprietary Forms

Billing Information Form 18-21.900(1)
Special Event Certification 18-21.900(2)
Letter of Concurrence for Setback Waiver Setback Waiver


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