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Environmental Resource Permitting (ERP) Quick Links

ERP e-Permitting

The Environmental Resource Permitting program regulates most alterations to the land surface in Florida that are not specifically exempt from regulation by statute or rule.

The links below will take you to the available online ERP submissions:

10/2 Self-Certification: Certification of Qualification to use a General Permit for a Stormwater Management System serving less than ten acres total project area and less than two acres impervious surface.

FDEP Dock Self Certification LogoSelf-Certification for Single-Family Docks, a process which allows the user to enter information and certify that their project is exempt from requiring a FDEP permit.  There is no fee for using ESSA Self Cert. Types of exemptions available through Self-Certification are New Dock with or without a Boat Lift, Repair or Replace an Existing Dock, and Addition of a Boat Lift to an Existing Dock. 

Access Self-Certification via the DEP Business Portal


Available October 1, 2013:

Statewide ERP allows users to submit any type of ERP verification of exemption or permit online. Users can upload supporting documents pay processing fees online.  Options also include submitting documentation and payment after the initial application has been submitted online.

  • Verification of Exemptions: submittal to request verification whether an activity qualifies for an exemption from the Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) requirements.
  • General Permits: submittal for projects that qualify for a General Permit in accordance with Chapter 62-330 F.A.C. General Permits (GP) are provided for certain activities that have been determined to have minimal impacts to the water resources of the state when conducted in compliance with their terms and conditions.
  • Individual or Conceptual Permits:  
    • An environmental resource permit (ERP) or a modification of an ERP for activities regulated under Part IV of Chapter 373, Florida Statutes; to construct, alter, operate, maintain or repair (excluding routine, custodial maintenance), abandon, or remove works or other activities, including a stormwater management system; and/or
    • An authorization for activities which require authorization to use state-owned submerged lands, for activities located on such lands
  • Continue an Incomplete Application: The system allows you to start an application, exit at any time, and return to complete it later. Follow this link to view any incomplete applications you have in process.

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Last updated: February 23, 2017

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