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The department uses water quality data from a wide variety of sources, including its own monitoring programs, to regularly assess Florida’s rivers, lakes, springs and estuaries to determine whether they meet publicly adopted water quality standards. These standards are established to protect public health, preserve aquatic habitat and wildlife, and assure safe and healthy fishing and recreational uses. Surface waters that do not meet the standards set for them are determined to be “impaired” and in need of restoration.

Because funds are limited and Florida’s surface water resources are so expansive and diverse, the department has sorted those resources into 29 major watersheds, or basins, and further organized them into five basin groups for assessment purposes. One group (one-fifth of the basins) is assessed each year as part of a repeating five-year cycle designed to gather an ever-more complete understanding of water quality.

Below are links to the statewide comprehensive Verified List, statewide comprehensive Delist List, as well as Lists adopted by Secretarial Order. These lists are up to date with the most recent data, including assessments adopted June 27, 2017 for Group 4 basins.  As water quality improves and assessments are refined, these lists will be updated through formal adoption processes each year. Using the data from these assessments, the department has verified many waterbodies, or segments of those waterbodies, as impaired (not meeting standards). Others have been “delisted” because a previously identified impairment cannot be verified or a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) has been adopted.

Statewide Comprehensive Verified List of Impaired Waters

This list contains waterbody-parameter combinations that have been verified as impaired based on criteria and assessment methodologies in chapters 62-302 and 62-303, F.A.C., respectively.  Waterbodies verified as impaired and that have not subsequently been delisted (see below) remain on the Verified List.  Thus, the list provides the comprehensive compilation of waters currently considered impaired and identifies the county that at least a portion of the waterbody intersects.

Statewide Comprehensive Delist List

This list contains waterbody-parameter combinations that have been removed from the Verified List based on delisting methodologies in chapter 62-303, F.A.C. There are several reasons why a waterbody parameter may be delisted, including but not limited to: a subsequent assessment determining that a waterbody-parameter is no longer impaired based on current water quality standards, if there has been a Total Maximum Daily Load completed for the verified impaired parameter or if a flaw in a previous assessment has been determined.  This list provides the comprehensive compilation of waters that have met the requirements of 62-303.720, F.A.C. and that have been approved by order of the Secretary as no longer required to be on the Verified List.

Lists Adopted by Secretarial Order

The adopted lists below are the first step in the process of restoring impaired waters.  Once these waters have been accepted by EPA, the Department staff will begin developing TMDLs for these waters.  A TMDL represents the maximum amount of pollutant loading that can be discharged to a water body and have its designated uses be met.  The final step in this process will be the development, by watershed stakeholders and DEP, of a Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP).  The BMAP will specify the activities, schedule, and funding sources that point and nonpoint source dischargers will undertake to  restore the water body. 

Group 1 Basins

Group 2 Basins

Group 3 Basins

Group 4 Basins

Group 5 Basins

For more information, send e-mail to Kevin O'Donnell (Kevin.ODonnell@dep.state.fl.us)

Watershed Assessment
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