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The Watershed Management Program is responsible for fostering better stewardship of Florida’s ground and surface water resources. Working with other state agencies, water management districts, local governments, citizens, and the private sector, the bureau coordinates the collection, data management, and interpretation of monitoring information to assess the health of our water resources; develops watershed-based aquatic resource goals and pollutant loading limits for individual water bodies; and develops and implements management action plans to preserve or restore water bodies. These activities are undertaken using the rotating basin approach that assures that the watershed plans for each of the state’s watersheds are evaluated and updated every five years.

The Watershed Management Program is responsible for the implementation of a wide variety of programs that help protect, manage, or restore Florida’s surface and ground waters. Major initiatives within the Program include:

  • Coordinating implementation of the rotating basin approach
  • Coordinating Statewide monitoring of ground and surface waters
  • Coordinating and promoting entry of water resource data into Florida STORET
  • Preparing the biennial 305(b) report that summarizes the health of Florida’s waters
  • Preparing the 303(d) list of impaired waters
  • Developing Water Quality Based Effluent limitations and Total Maximum Daily Loads
  • Administering the state’s Nonpoint Source Management Program and the Section 319 grant program
  • Administering the state’s NPDES stormwater permitting program.
  • Implementing ground water protection and management programs
  • Partnering with Water Management Districts, local governments, citizens, and the private sector to develop and implement watershed based Basin Management Action Plans that will achieve watershed protection, management or restoration goals
  • Conducting public education and technical assistance programs

Successful implementation of these programs depends on close coordination, communication, and cooperation with other state agencies, the water management districts, local governments, citizens, and the private sector.

Last updated: June 30, 2015

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