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Water Compliance Assurance Program “WCAP”


Collecting Water SampleWastewater facilities play an important role in their own overall compliance status by providing proper operation and maintenance, conducting routine self-audits, and by implementing adequate process controls. In doing so, a facility can help prevent many potential pollution problems.

To ensure that surface water and ground water are adequately protected, it is necessary to verify that discharges to these waters meet permit limitations on the quality of the discharge. This is done largely through self-monitoring activities performed by the wastewater facilities as described above. The results of which are submitted to the Department through monthly or quarterly Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) as required in their permits. This DMR data is used to supplement the Department compliance inspection activities. Compliance inspection activities are performed by staff in the Department's six district offices and delegated local programs.

The Water Compliance Assurance Program in Tallahassee serves to facilitate statewide coordination of compliance and enforcement activities relating to the development of policy, guidance and training materials to ensure consistency among the six District Offices for the state’s Industrial and Domestic Wastewater Programs.  Furthermore, the WCAP administers the compliance and enforcement components of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Stormwater program; which includes conducting inspections, handling compliance and enforcement activities and processing stormwater Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs).

Additionally, WCAP ensures that implementation of the compliance and enforcement activities associated with the state’s NPDES wastewater and stormwater programs are conducted and reported to EPA as outlined in the annual 106 workplan commitments.

WCAP also operates and maintains the Department’s Electronic Discharge Monitoring Report (eDMR) System; which is a secure web-based information system that allows wastewater facilities to electronically submit their DMRs to the Department.  By offering several streamlined reporting options, the eDMR system offers significant labor savings for both the Department and the regulated community and improves the accuracy of compliance data by helping to eliminate data entry errors. 

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Please browse our compliance-related topics listed on the right-hand side for more information. If you still have any general questions about compliance and enforcement activities statewide you may contact the Water Compliance Assurance Program  in Tallahassee at 850-245-8567. For compliance questions related to a specific permit, you may wish to contact the appropriate District Office.

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