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Domestic Wastewater to Wetlands Program


West palm Beach Wetland Reuse Site - Photo by F.M. MurphyWetlands are among Florida’s most important natural resources. They provide an array of ecological and environmental functions. These functions are the biological, physical, and chemical processes which take place between water, vegetation, soil, microbial and wildlife communities within a wetland.

Southern Blue-Flag, and obligate wetland plantWetland functions result in environmental and economic values. The utilization of wetlands for wastewater treatment is a good example of the association between wetland functions and values. By using the natural biogeochemical processes in wetlands, wastewater wetlands produce a desired output: low energy, high quality wastewater treatment that results in environmental enhancement, not degradation. This output translates into economic benefits for the facility and environmental benefits to Floridians.

In the context of domestic wastewater activities, several wetland processes are important, such as nutrient assimilation and storage, heavy metal retention, organic decomposition, sediment filtration, hydrologic storage and dispersion, and water resource recharge. These processes result in improved water quality, flood control, and water supply.

The Department, through Chapter 62-611, F.A.C., allows a method of advanced wastewater treatment which may be less expensive than conventional treatment processes, while at the same time serves to maintain, create, and restore wetland hydrology and habitat. Properly managed wastewater treatment wetlands improve water quality and the environment.

For more information on wastewater wetlands in Florida contact our Wastewater to Wetlands Coordinator, Shanin Speas, at 850-245-8610.

Wastewater to Wetland Resources

If you are looking for information on dredging and filling in wetlands or other wetland activities besides wastewater discharges, contact the Wetlands Program.

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Last updated: July 26, 2012

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