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Archived TMDL Documents

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Note: These TMDL documents are primarily draft versions of reports that have since been finalized.

This page also contains older, outdated versions of both draft and final reports, for historical reference purposes only.


Archived TMDL Documents for Group 1 Basins

St. Marks/Wakulla River Basin

Tampa Bay Basin

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Archived TMDL Documents for Group 2 Basins

Alafia Basin

Hillsborough River Basin

Lower St. Johns River Basin

Manatee River Basin

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Archived TMDL Documents for Group3 Basins

Peace River Basin

Sarasota Bay Basin

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Archived TMDL Documents for Group 4 Basins

Kissimmee River Basin

Pensacola Bay Basin

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Archived TMDL Documents for Group 5 Basins

Springs Coast Basin

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Archived Statewide TMDL Documents

Mercury TMDL Drafts

2010-2011 Freshwater Mercury Statewide TMDL Update Meeting

2007 Freshwater Mercury TMDL Presentations

Please Note: All presentations update ongoing efforts, and do not present scientific conclusions, or policy positions. Presentations may include preliminary assessments of developing processes of analysis used in developing the science of the ongoing investigations.

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For more information on the development of water quality restoration goals (TMDLs), send e-mail to Greg DeAngelo (Gregory.DeAngelo@dep.state.fl.us)

Water Quality Evaluation & TMDL Program
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Phone: (850) 245-7609

For information on TMDL grants, Section 319 (nonpoint source) grants, and other financial assistance for water infrastructure projects or implementation of urban or agricultural best management practices, please see our financial assistance webpage to determine what opportunities might be right for your project.

Last updated: June 30, 2015

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