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Guidance Documents for Reporting Data to FDEP

Potential discrepancy in Chlorophyll A and B Results

Reporting Hurricane Data


Installation and User’s Guides for STORET 2.0 and EPA SIM 2.0.1

Obtaining Oracle Licenses – Due to a limited number of licenses available to the Watershed Monitoring and Data Management Section, Oracle copies will only be given to non-profit data producing entities. However, a non-profit organization may agree to an outside company using the non-profit company’s copy to satisfy an agreement between the two parties for the length of the agreement. The non-profit organization will be held responsible for the Oracle license. All distribution will be given directly to the non-profit organization.

Client-Server Installations: DEP STORET cannot support client-server installations as they are customized by the agency’s Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) and will vary between agencies. DEP STORET staff may attempt to help an agency that has a client-server installation; however, we recommend that agencies without the technical personnel to maintain a client server installation should avoid it and request a stand-alone installation.

20 Elements (EAS-0101)/DEPSIM


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