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Florida's Reuse Activities

Reuse has become an integral part of wastewater management, water resource management, and ecosystem management in Florida.

During the past 20 years, Florida has risen to be recognized as a national leader (along with California) in water reuse. Approximately 727 million gallons per day (mgd) of reclaimed water was reused for beneficial purposes in 2014. This represents an average per capita reuse of 37 gallons per day per person. Reusing 727 mgd of reclaimed water is estimated to have avoided the use of over 139 billion gallons of potable quality water while serving to add more than 88 billion gallons back to available ground water supplies.

The total reuse capacity of Florida’s domestic wastewater treatment facilities has gone from 362 mgd in 1986 to 1,685 mgd in 2014 which amounts to an increase of 365 percent! The current reuse capacity represents about 65 percent of the total permitted domestic wastewater treatment capacity in Florida.

Actual reuse flow versus reuse capacity for years 1986 - 2014. Pie chart of reuse by categories for 2013. (industrial - 16%, wetlands & other - 5%, groundwater recharge - 14%, agricultural irrigation - 10%, public access areas - 55%).


Florida's Reuse

Reclaimed water from public access reuse systems was used to irrigate 360,329 residences, 542 golf courses, 987 parks, and 371 schools. Irrigation of these areas accessible to the public represented about 55 percent of the 727 mgd of reclaimed water reused.

Last updated: August 14, 2015

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