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Florida Section 319 Grant Work Plans and Project Summaries


The Nonpoint Source Management Section administers grant money it receives from EPA through Section 319(h) of the Federal Clean Water Act. These grant funds can be used to implement projects or programs that will help to reduce nonpoint sources of pollution. Projects or programs must be conducted within the state's NPS priority watersheds, which are the state's SWIM watersheds and National Estuary Program waters. All projects should include at least a 40% nonfederal match. 

Examples of fundable projects include: demonstration and evaluation of Best Management Practices (BMPs), nonpoint pollution reduction in priority watersheds, ground water protection from nonpoint sources, public education programs on nonpoint source management, etc. All approved projects will be contracted with the Department of Environmental Protection and managed by the staff of the Nonpoint Source Management Section. Project proposals are due each year in late May with project selection completed by September. To be included on the 319 mailing list, please email us or give us a phone call. EPA has the program's guidelines available on the internet.

FY 2018 319(h) Grant Materials

Complete Grant Package

Individual Downloads

Education Grant Materials

Complete Grant Package

Individual Downloads

Annual Reports

FY 2010 Annual Report (6.0 MB)

FY 2007 Annual Report (1.5 MB)

FY 2006 Annual Report (922 KB)

Summary of past and current Florida 319(h) projects

EPA Nine Elements of a Watershed Plan

Florida's Nonpoint Source Management Program, November 1999 (2.62MB) 


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Nonpoint Source Management Program
Division of Water Restoration Assistance
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Douglas Building
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3000


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