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Land Use

Northwest Florida WMD Gulf Breeze Sand & Gravel Urban/Suburban
Northwest Florida WMD Jackson County Floridan Cropland Agriculture
Northwest Florida WMD Panama City Surficial Urban/Industrial
Northwest Florida WMD Pensacola Sand & Gravel Heavy Industrial
Northwest Florida WMD Tallahassee Floridan Light Industrial
Suwannee River WMD Lafayette County Floridan Dairies
Suwannee River WMD Live Oak Floridan Urban/Industrial
Southwest Florida WMD Hillsborough County Floridan Single Family
Southwest Florida WMD Pinellas County Surficial Light Industrial
Southwest Florida WMD Polk County Surficial/Floridan Citrus
St. Johns River WMD Lake Apopka Surficial Cropland Agriculture
St. Johns River WMD Ocala Floridan Urban/Suburban
St. Johns River WMD Palm Bay Surficial Single Family
St. Johns River WMD Putnam/Volusia Floridan Ferneries
St. Johns River WMD Talleyrand Surficial Heavy Industrial
St. Johns River WMD West Gainesville Floridan Urban/Suburban
South Florida WMD Broward County Biscayne Urban Industrial
South Florida WMD Dade County Biscayne Heavy Industrial
South Florida WMD Lee County Surficial Single Family
South Florida WMD Martin County Surficial Citrus
South Florida WMD Orange County Surficial Urban/Industrial
South Florida WMD Palm Beach County Surficial Sludge/Citrus

The Very Intense Study Area (VISA) Network monitors specific areas of the state that are believed to be highly susceptible to ground water contamination, based on predominant land use and hydrogeology. A VISA well is designed to monitor the effects of multiple sources of contamination on water quality within a segment of the aquifer.

VISA Network wells are sampled for the same analytes as those in the Background Network. The resulting data are statistically compared to like parameters from the Background Network representing the same aquifer segment, in order to determine the effects of land use and site hydrogeology upon the ground water quality. Based on the results of the latter analyses, predictions are made regarding the effects of siting comparable land uses in hydrogeologically similar areas of the state.

Map of Very Intense Study Area Locations

Last updated: January 09, 2013

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