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Water Quality Report Cards



FDEP’s Watershed Monitoring Section manages two statewide water monitoring programs, the Status and Trend Networks. Each network answers questions about the conditions of Florida’s surface and ground water. Both networks collect data used to develop protection and restoration goals. FDEP has produced two interactive tools, the Status Report Card and the Trend Report Card, to present results to a variety of users.


Status Report Card

The Status Network gives an annual snapshot of statewide water conditions. Results are used to calculate the portion of waters meeting water quality standards. This network is not designed to answer questions about specific waterbodies.


Trend Report Card

The Trend Network tracks long-term changes in water quality at fixed sites. Results are used to describe the changes in specific wells and waterbodies over time.


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Water Quality Report Cards

Annual Status Network Statewide Reports

Last updated: April 12, 2016

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