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DEP's Plant Operations Excellence Awards Program


Each year, the Department presents awards to domestic wastewater and drinking water facilities around the state, that demonstrate excellence in operation, maintenance, innovative treatment, waste reduction, and pollution prevention, recycling, or other special achievements. These awards are presented to recognize facilities that demonstrate a special commitment to excellence in management through dedicated professionalism.

Facilities that demonstrate excellence are encouraged to complete and submit a self-nominating form to their local DEP district,  local program, or Approved County Health Department (ACHD) office to be recognized. Current applications are available below.

Awards are presented to one facility in each of the Departmentís six district offices for each of the following types of drinking water facilities:

  • Small community water systems serving < 3,300 persons;
  • Medium community water systems serving 3,300 Ė 50,000 persons
  • Large community water systems serving > 50,000 persons
  • Non-Community water systems (includes both Transient and Non-Transient)

For domestic wastewater facilities, the award categories within each DEP district are:

  • Type I domestic wastewater facility
  • Type II domestic wastewater facility
  • Type III domestic wastewater facility

2015 Plant Operations Excellence Awards

The Departmentís Division of Water Resource Management is now accepting applications for the Departmentís 2015 Plant Operations Excellence Awards for both public water supply facilities and domestic wastewater facilities.

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Please contact the FDEP Drinking Water Program at (850) 245-8630 or the Domestic Wastewater Program at (850) 245-8605 with any questions you may have.

Last updated: June 30, 2015

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