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Tank Facility Registration Placard Recipients (by Fiscal Year)
[September 5, 2017]


Excel spreadsheet lists the storage tank facilities that have been issued a storage tank registration placard for the fiscal year chosen. Information includes: facility identification number, name & address, placard number & issue date.

Storage Tank Registration Placard Certificates are issued to the storage tank facility owner after payment of the annual storage tank registration fees has been received and recorded. Registration fees for the next, upcoming fiscal year are assessed in April - to allow Department staff sufficient time to print, fold, stuff, & mail the notices to owners, and leave ample time for owners to process invoices & submit payment to DEP. Placards are generated approximately once a week during the time period May to August, when most payments are received. Subsequently, placards are generated two - three times a month, as needed.

Last updated: September 07, 2017


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