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General Information

Off-Site Notification

Current Technical Memorandums and Guidance

The following memos are used by the HWC staff and contractors as guidance to ensure that Florida Law & Rules are met as well as to ensure consistent contract and site management.

Subject Author Date
In Situ Aquifer Remediation – UIC Memo Mubeen Darji 04/12
Considerations for Air Emissions From Hazardous Waste Cleanup Sites Rob Cowdery, P.E. 10/08
Backfill Soil Sampling Rob Cowdery, P.E. 06/09
Modified Active Gas Sampling Manual HSA 10/04
Injection Wells Brent Hartsfield 12/00
UIC Variances - Memo Brent Hartsfield 07/00
UL Listing of Electrical Equipment PBS&J 07/00
Surface Water Discharges Brent Hartsfield 06/00
Remedial Action Plan Checklist 05/00
In-situ Chemical Additives for HW Site Remediation Brent Hartsfield 04/00
PE/PG Policy Guidance Memorandum John Ruddell 03/00
Remedial Alternatives Evaluation Brent Hartsfield 12/99
POTW Discharges Brent Hartsfield 06/97

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Last updated: January 23, 2017

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