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Are You Ready for Ethanol?

Ethanol Storage in Underground and Aboveground Storage Systems… What Owners Should Know

Ethanol is an alcohol-like substance that is produced from corn, sugar cane and other farm grown plants. Ethanol reduces our dependency on foreign petroleum imports and reduces air emissions by helping gasoline burn cleaner.

Tips for retailers and owners of fuel storage tank systems:

» Talk to your consultant to ensure tanks, pumps, probes, piping and dispensers are compatible with ethanol blended fuels.
» Check the storage tank system for water and remove all of it prior to the initial delivery of ethanol blended fuel.
» Monitor and check the system for water and clogged filters during normal operations, particularly after fuel deliveries.
» Have a quick response plan in place so water can be removed quickly if detected in tanks.
» Use the correct type of paste for checking for water in ethanol blended fuels.
» Ensure that all seals on the tank fill ports are tight and that water does not pool on top of the manhole covers associated with the tanks.
» Install 10-micron filters on dispensers for an ethanol blend of E10 and one micron filters for E85.
» Inform your insurance carrier which tanks are being used for ethanol blended fuels.

Are You Ready for Ethanol? (in printable PDF format)

Ethanol Storage in Underground and Aboveground Storage Systems…
What Owners Should Know
(in printable PDF format)

For more information on issues or questions concerning the compatibility of ethanol blended fuels with tanks, pumps, probes, piping and dispensers, contact the Storage Tank Compliance Section at (850) 245-8845.

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Last updated: August 22, 2017

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