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  • Chapter 62-737, F.A.C.
    "The Management of Mercury-Containing Lamps and Devices Destined for Recycling"
  • The US EPA's Universal Waste Rule - 40 CFR Part 273
    Summary of Universal Waste Rule
    Florida has not adopted the parts of the UWR that apply to lamps. Florida's rule Chapter 62-737, F.A.C., Management of Spent Mercury-Containing Lamps and Devices Destined for Recycling, is broader in scope than the federal UWR because it covers both mercury-containing lamps and all mercury-containing devices, not just thermostats as covered in the UWR. The Florida rule contains all the federal requirements and additional requirements like recycling facility permits that are not included in the federal UWR. Therefore, Florida's rule Chapter 62-737, F.A.C., governs the management of mercury-containing lamps and devices in Florida.

Statutory Authority

Last updated: July 22, 2014

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