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Site ID # Site Name
BF560702001 1150 S. Federal Highway
BF139904003 1255 NW 103rd Street Brownfield Site
BF290304001 12th Street Operations Yard
BF521202001 126th Ave. N. Dump
BF160001012 1737 Jessie Street Brownfield Site
BF160001003 2100 Dennis Street Remediation Trust
BF250701001 226 W. Main St.
BF179901002 2500 North Palafox Street
BF360302001 2780 South Street
BF480401006 400 North Orange
BF160205001 4502 Sunbeam Road
BF501401001 480 US Highway 27 North
BF061301001 5001 North Federal Highway Site
BF530001001 Auburndale Wal-Mart
BF161601001 Aquatic Townhomes Brownfields Site
BF290607001 Avion Park at Westshore Site
BF480704001 Baratta ROCC Site
BF411301001 BAV Bradenton Brownfield Site
BF130301001 Beacon Lakes (AMB Codina)
BF500301001 Belle Glade Hospital Brownfield Site
BF580302003 BKOP1
BF540501001 Bill Ding Avenue Brownfield Site
BF161403001 Bill Johns Waste Oil Site
BF130201001 Biscayne Commons Brownfields Site
BF480901001 Bonita Fountains Phase 2: ROCC
BF291201001 Brandon Toyota Site
BF500101001 BrandsMart
BF160504001 Broadstone River House
BF501502001 Brookstone Delray Associates
BF050401003 Brunson Ave. Site
BF180601001 Bunnell Industrial/Former Rayonier Plant Site
BF529701005 CarPro
BF050801001 Casbah Properties, LLC Site
BF590802002 Casselberry Former Shell Station Site
BF590802001 Casselberry Police Department Site
BF560601001 Center Road
BF139911001 Centerra Apartments Green Reuse Site
BF290303001 Centro Asturiano Place
BF170504001 Century Florida Site
BF500101003 CFC Multifamily Northwest
BF290503001 Channelside Holdings Site
BF531205001 Cigar Factory Site
BF481304001 Circle C Cars
BF290603001 Circle Tampa Venture 1
BF369901001 City of Ft Myers Coal Gasification Site
BF529901002 City of St. Petersburg / Former Atherton Oil
BF139801013 Civic Towers Brownfield Site
BF529701004 Clearwater Automotive Site
BF160804001 CLH-Jacksonville
BF640401001 Clyde Morris Former Landfill
BF501603001 Commerce Park Green Reuse Site
BF529701001 Community Health Center
BF520501001 Community Waterfront Park
BF139904002 Corinthian Multifamily Apartments
BF641301001 Country Club Crossing and The Greens at Country Club
BF480401007 Creative Digital Village
BF290804001 Crosland-Varela Site
BF370002004 CSX Parcel 1
BF290002002 CSX Spur at Old Hopewell Road
BF060301001 Dania Motorcross
BF520801002 Dansville Central Historic Landfill Site
BF520801001 Dansville North Historic Landfill Site
BF520801003 Dansville South Historic Landfill Site
BF130503001 Dedicated Transportation Corporation HQs
BF291402001 Delaney Creek Brownfield Redevelopment Area - Exide Tech.
BF500701001 Delray Beach CRA Brownfield Site
BF291001001 Detsco
BF529701002 Dimmit Parcel B
BF131502001 Doral Legacy Park Green Reuse Site
BF500101002 DR Lakes Multifamily Northside (aka Malibu Bay Site)
BF500101004 DR Lakes, Inc. Parcel II
BF500101005 DR Palm Beach Hotel Complex Brownfield Site
BF500101006 DR Palm Beach Residential Complex Brownfield Site
BF580801001 Eager Beaver Car Wash & John's Auto Care
BF360301001 Eastwood Village Brownfield Site
BF640401002 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
BF290803001 Envirofocus Technologies
BF640401003 ERAU Former Bus Depot
BF139801002 FEC Buena Vista
BF420901001 Fluid Routing Solutions, Inc.
BF160001004 Ford Assembly Redevelopment
BF290602001 Former 43rd Street Bay Drum Site
BF291501001 Former Amazon Hose Property Site
BF521501001 Former Arab Pest Control Brownfield Site
BF590702001 Former Central Florida Drum Facility
BF481502001 Former Chevron Brownfield Site
BF529701003 Former Clearwater Sun Property
BF521401001 Former Countryside Executive Golf Course
BF010001002 Former CSX Property
BF480703001 Former Daniels Publishing Facility
BF160001015 Former Duval Container Property
BF411201001 Former Edenfield Property
BF291302001 Former Gulf Coast Metals Site
BF480201001 Former Gray Truck Line Property
BF461101001 Former Happy Food Store #526
BF291403001 Former Hudson Nursery Brownfield Site
BF181001001 Former Lees Impoundment Brownfield Site
BF641004002 Former Llyod Buick/Cadillac Site
BF591201001 Former M&M Auto Parts & Salvage
BF641004001 Former Massey Motors
BF131604001 Former Melting Pot Green Reuse Site
BF590701001 Former Microvia Facility
BF480401003 Former OUC Power Plant
BF131203001 Former Peoples Gas System
BF501201001 Former Pike Utilities Brownfield Site
BF550601001 Former Ponce de Leon Golf Course
BF230201002 Former Port St. Joe Kraft Papermill
BF411201002 Former Riverside Shell Station Site
BF370002005 Former Ro-Mac Lumber & Supply Co. of Tallahassee
BF501602001 Former Rood Landscape Green Reuse Site
BF170701001 Former Runyan Shipyard, Bayou Chico
BF230201001 Former St. Joe Site Surface Impoundment
BF650801001 Former St. Marks Refinery - West Parcel
BF501501001 Former Servico Landfill Brownfield Site
BF290204001 Former Southern Mill Creek Products Site
BF480401002 Former Spellman Engineering
BF050401002 Former Steve's Cycles
BF291002001 Former Stock Building Supply/McGinnis Lumber Yard
BF291102001 Former Sun City BP
BF370002002 Former Tallahassee Coca Cola Bottling Plant
BF290606001 Former Tampa Armature Works Site
BF641004004 Former Tire Kingdom Brownfield Site
BF100501004 Former U.S. Logistics/NexGen Environmental Facility
BF411001001 Former Wellcraft Site
BF291304001 Former West Tampa Convention Center Site
BF139904004 Former Westview Golf Course (South)
BF429903001 Former White's Meats Packing Facility
BF481101001 Former Woodbury Chemical Site
BF521601001 Former Zero Corporation Brownfield Site
BF050401004 Forrest Avenue Site
BF291002004 Freddy's Automotive
BF480401004 Future Dr. P. Phillips Orlando Performing Arts Center
BF010001001 Gainesville Regional Utilities/Poole Roofing Site
BF360501001 Garden Street Iron & Metal, Inc.
BF100501001 GCS Downtown Phase I, Parcel A
BF100501002 GCS Downtown Phase I, Parcel B
BF100501003 GCS Downtown Phase I, Parcel C
BF481501001 GENE Brownfield Site
BF161402001 Gerdau Ameristeel Site
BF290302001 Gerdau Ameristeel Brownfield Site
BF291002002 Gro-Mor Fertilizer Plant
BF291502001 Hanna Ave
BF060401001 Harbour Cove Associates, Ltd.
BF139801010 Hawkins Park Green Reuse Site 1
BF139801012 Hawkins Park Green Reuse Site 2
BF131104001 Hawthorne Suites Doral D├ęcor District BF Site
BF160001006 Hogan's Creek Site, Parcel 1A
BF160001007 Hogan's Creek Site, Parcel 1B
BF160506001 Hughes Electrical Supply Site
BF110901001 Hubert's Welding and Repair Site
BF291002003 Hydraulic Hose Site
BF370002007 Inn at Tallahassee
BF291001002 International Ship Repair
BF090201001 Inverness Wal-Mart Site
BF131104002 Jackson West Hospital Brownfield Site
BF160803001 Jacksonville Raceway
BF500101007 Jefferson at West Palm Beach
BF160001005 JM Family Enterprises
BF531206001 K.C. Industries Properties, LLC Site
BF139912001 Keys Crossing, Ltd.
BF160001008 Keystone/Wigmore Street
BF050301001 KIP I, L.L.C.
BF290802001 Kracker Road aka Tampa Livestock
BF161501001 KWM Brownfield Site
BF290901001 Lakewood Point
BF131301001 Land South Partners I Brownfield Site
BF139904005 Liberty NW 79th Street Brownfields Site
BF291602001 Liberty Tampa Site
BF160001014 Lofts at LaVilla Site
BF139801004 Los Suenos Multifamily Apartments
BF580302002 Lowe's Crofut Parcel and Outparcel A Site
BF580302001 Lowe's DMB Parcel and DMB Outparcel B & C
BF590703001 Lowe's Store Fern Park
BF171102001 Mahogany Mill Road Boat Ramp
BF480801001 Maitland City Center
BF050701001 Manatee Point
BF139801007 Mandy's Market
BF050401001 Marc T, LLC Brownfield Site
BF160001013 Mary Eaves Site
BF139801005 McArthur Dairy 7th Avenue
BF060201001 McArthur Dairy Brownfield Site
BF130601001 Medley Redevelopment Brownfields Area
BF139801011 Miami-Dade Cnty and Puerto Rican Chamber Office Building
BF130502001 Miami River Marina Site
BF480702001 Mills Park
BF050802001 Mobility Scooter Center, Inc.
BF170502001 Mosquito Control Facility
BF131503001 NE 83rd St. Green Reuse Site
BF131601001 NW 62nd St Passive Park Green Reuse Site
BF291306001 Nebraska Avenue Site
BF160001010 North Point Brownfield Site
BF061502001 Northwest Gardens V Brownfield Site
BF500302001 Northwood Anchor Site
BF440701001 Old Baltuff Dump Site
BF480201002 Old Fire Station Recreation Center
BF139901002 Opa-Locka CDC Brownfield Site
BF480805001 Orlando Commerce Park ROCC Site
BF481401001 Orlando Drum Co.
BF480401001 Orlando Events Center
BF500902001 Pahokee Plaza
BF061501001 Pan American Coral Springs Brownfield Site
BF561101001 Parcel 1
BF561101002 Parcel 2
BF561101003 Parcel 3
BF161401001 Penman Plaza Ace Parcel Brownfield Site
BF170201001 Pensacola Mainstreet, Inc.
BF131603001 Peoples Gas East Parcel Green Reuse Site
BF529901001 Peoples Gas System (Former TECO Complex)
BF291406001 Peoples Gas System - North Channelside Drive
BF160202001 Phillips Highway Site
BF291202001 Photoengraving Brownfield Site
BF290401001 Place at Channelside, The
BF069901001 Pompano Beach Replacement Library and Civic Campus A
BF069901002 Pompano Beach Replacement Library and Civic Campus B
BF291404001 Port Redwing Brownfield Site
BF290101001 Port Ybor
BF130001001 Potamkin Properties
BF130843002 Procacci 1400, LLC
BF130843001 Procacci Sweetwater, LLC
BF480401009 Proposed Fire Station No. 2
BF139912002 Redland Market Village Brownfield Site
BF139801006 Resorts World Miami Brownfield Site
BF280601001 Ridgewood Auto Spa
BF480703002 Rio Grande Acquisition Company
BF290301001 Riverfront Brownfields Site (BOA)
BF160001009 Riverside Avenue Brownfield
BF411201003 Riverside North Properties
BF640901001 RJS Investments of Central Florida, d/b/a Indian River Glass
BF290001001 Robbins Manufacturing
BF131403001 Rucks Park Site
BF161602001 St. Johns Village Brownfield Site
BF650801002 St. Marks Refinery - East Parcel
BF139801008 St. Martin's Place
BF160201001 St. Johns Center Site
BF370002003 Salie Property
BF590806001 Sandefur Site
BF521304001 Seminole Mall Site
BF160001002 The Shipyards
BF591501001 The Shoppes at Sterling Creek
BF139904001 Siegel Gas and Oil Corp
BF480401008 Soccer Stadium
BF160101001 Southside Generating Station (SGS) Area
BF481303001 Southside Shoppes
BF291405001 Spruce Street Landfill #2 Site
BF290802002 SSC Tampa Kracker Road, LLC, Parcel B
BF290802003 SSC Tampa Kracker Road, LLC, Parcel C
BF480401005 Steel House Brownfield Site
BF170101001 Strategic Crossing Corp. CSX Property
BF370601001 Sunland Hospital Parcel 1
BF170302001 Sunray Enterprises, Inc. (Keck)
BF061302001 Sunrise Wal-Mart Site
BF489901001 Sunterra Site
BF370002001 Tallahassee Residence Inn Brownfield Site
BF290101003 Tampa Bay Scrap Processors Site
BF290101002 Tampa Bay Shipbuilding and Repair Company
BF290703001 Tampa International Center Brownfield Site
BF290704001 Tampa Tank and Welding Property
BF291305001 Tampa Water Works Park Site
BF131501001 Taylor Park Green Reuse Site
BF290702001 TECO Hookers Point
BF139801014 T.M. Alexander Apartments Brownfield Site
BF139901001 TMR Cairo Lane Site
BF491101001 TOHO Square
BF521202002 Ulmerton & 66th Brownfield Site
BF050001001 Village Green Shopping Center
BF139801003 Wagner Square (former Civic Center)
BF290202001a Wal-Mart Buckley-Shuler Area, Parcel A
BF290202001b Wal-Mart Buckley-Shuler Area, Parcel B
BF290202001c Wal-Mart Buckley-Shuler Area, Parcel C
BF290202001d Wal-Mart Buckley-Shuler Area, Parcel D
BF290202001e Wal-Mart Buckley-Shuler Area, Parcel E
BF290202001  Wal-Mart Gunn Highway Site
BF131201001  Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market Site
BF160501001 Wal-Mart Phillips Highway Brownfields Site
BF529901003 Wal-Mart St. Pete (C) Brownfields Site
BF160001001 Ware Family Realty, LLC
BF290604001 Waters Center Brownfield Site
BF179901001 Weatherford McIntyre Property
BF061503001 West Atlantic Blvd Apartments Investors LLC
BF500402001 West Palm Beach Intermodal Transfer Facility / The Wedge
BF290705001 Westshore Landings One
BF411101001 Widewaters Bradenton, LLC - Manatee River Brownfield Site
BF640701001 William Lofts
BF131602001 Willow Lakes Apartments Green Reuse Site
BF290101004 Winner Metals
BF061602001 Wisdom Village Crossing Brownfield Site
BF290002001 WRB at Old Hopewell Road
BF290501001 W.T. Edwards Brownfield Site
BF139801009 Wynwood N. Miami
BF139801001 WynwoodSite
BF370002006 ZAC Brownfield (aka CSX Parcel 4)
BF061103001 ZF Brownfield Site

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