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South District Air Resources Contact

The Division of Air Resource Management's mission is to protect, conserve and restore the air resources of the state with the primary goal of protecting human health.  The District Air Program implements the federal Clean Air Act and appropriate Florida statutes, monitors air quality, issues permits to the air pollution sources and administers Florida's air pollution control programs to accomplish this mission. The program also promotes pollution prevention and coordinates its work with other local, state, and federal air programs.


The District Air Program has regulatory responsibility for the following jurisdictional counties: Highlands, Sarasota, Desoto, Glades, Hendry, Charlotte, Lee, Collier, and Monroe County as well as some agricultural industries located in Western Palm Beach County. 


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Title V-Major Sources of Air Pollution Map

Title V-Major Sources of Air Pollution Map

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Air Permitting Permitting Contact
Our air permitting staff handles all the permitting requests in the District.  We review the application for completeness, request additional information and issue a permit if the application meets all the requirements.  We issue permits for all qualified major and minor air pollution sources in the District, except for the electric power generation facilities and General Permits, which are handled by the Division Of Air Resources Management in Tallahassee.

Professional Engineer II:
Carter Endsley
(239) 344-5637


Air General Permit Registration

Air Permitting

Air Compliance Assurance C & E Contact

Our air compliance assurance staff works to ensure compliance with laws and regulations through compliance assistance and enforcement activities for permitted facilities. This involves inspection of sources, witnessing emissions and visible evaluation tests, reviewing test reports, reviewing annual operating reports and monitoring continuous emissions systems. We initiate enforcement actions in cases of significant non-compliance and strongly encourage implementation of pollution prevention whenever feasible.


Through this section we also administer federal asbestos regulation. We receive the required asbestos renovation and demolition notifications and perform inspections as necessary of such projects to ensure compliance with the federal regulation. To initiate an asbestos removal project for structures that meet the regulated asbestos threshold limit or any demolition project regardless of asbestos, go to the Online notification process ten business days before the work commences.

Environmental Manager
Deanna Newburg
(239) 344-5677

Environmental Specialist I
(239) 344-5699

Environmental Specialist III
Wayne Lewis
(239) 344-5662




Air Monitoring Monitoring Contact
The Air Program maintains and operates five air-monitoring stations in the District which measure airborne particulate matter and ozone levels.  Ozone can be good or bad depending on its location in the atmosphere.  Near the surface of the Earth or at ground level, high levels of ozone can pose health risks especially to people with respiratory problems.  This ozone is also an ingredient in urban Smog.  Ozone in the upper level of atmosphere protects the life on Earth from the Sun's intense ultra violet rays.  We  continuously monitor the ground level ozone at Ft. Myers Beach and in Cape Coral; we have an ozone monitoring site in Highlands County at Archbold Biological Station; we monitor particulates (PM 2.5 and PM 10) in Fort Myers. In addition we operate in Collier County a PM 2.5 and ozone monitor.  Please click here to view the air quality data at Florida's different monitoring sites.

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