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Boaters and marinas have a unique opportunity to actually stop a type of water pollution that can harm the boating life we love. And, it’s an easy fix—properly managing vessel sewage. It’s something every boater and every marina can do right now to keep our waterways clean and improve Florida’s water quality. Boaters can do their part. Marinas can do theirs. Pitch In, Pump Out. Here’s how:

National Marina Day logoNational Marina Day

With more than 1,350 miles of coastline, 50,000 miles of rivers and an economic impact of $16.2 billion dollars, Florida’s water resources are critical to the state’s economy and our environment. In recognition of the importance that marinas play to our state, please join the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Clean Marina Program and the Association of Marina Industries in celebrating National Marina Day on Saturday, June 8, 2013. On this day, marinas are asked to open their doors to their neighbors and let them experience the marina lifestyle, learn about the waterfront environment and see firsthand all the fun that can be had recreating on the water.

two boats on waterBoaters: Why should You Pitch In and Pump Out?

Well, it’s the law. And, if that isn’t reason enough, pumping out is the smart thing to do. Most areas where boats congregate—harbors, anchorages, marinas, and some mooring fields —are naturally sheltered or semi-enclosed. These sheltered areas are not flushed as well as open waters so the end result is that any waste we put there tends to stay there. Unsightly and unhealthy, vessel waste has the potential to put a real damper on our water-based recreation. More

Marina on landMarinas: Do you know there is money available to help you purchase and operate a pumpout system at your marina?

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) provides grants to help you purchase and operate pumpout systems at your marina. The Clean Vessel Act Grant Program covers 75 percent of the cost of approved pumpout projects, including pumpout boats. That’s $3 for every $1 you invest. It’s easy to apply for funding and do your part to Pitch In, Pump Out. Apply Now.

Pumpout Station signPumpout Locations

With more than 300 pumpout locations throughout the state, Florida provides boaters easy access to pumpout facilities and services. Find the facilities that meet your boating needs and use them! Pitch In, Pump Out.

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Last updated: May 03, 2013

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