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Comprehensive Rule Review

The Department of Environmental Protection has complied with the requirement in Section 120.745, F.S., by cooperating with the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform in conducting a review of agency rules and identifying each data collection and revenue rule. To see the results of this rule review please go to https://www.myfloridalicense.com/rulereview/Rule-Review-Reports.html.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this web site is provisional. This Internet site should not be used to obtain the official version of a document. For matters affecting legal rights, please refer to the official version of the Florida Administrative Code provided by the Department of State located at www.flrules.org.

Board of Trustees of Internal Improvement Trust Fund

18-1 State Land Acquisition Procedures

18-2 Management  of Uplands Vested in the Board of Trustees

18-14 Administrative Fines for Damaging State Lands or Products Therof

18-18 Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve

18-20 Florida Aquatic Preserves

18-21 Sovereignty Submerged Lands Management

18-23 State Buffer Preserves

18-24 Florida Forever Land Acquisition and Management

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Department  of Environmental Protection

62-4 Permits

62-8 Ad Valorem Tax Assessment Rules-Guidelines for Tax Assessors

62-11 Aquatic Animal Damage Valuation

62-17 Electrical Power Plant Siting

62-18 Vehicle Sound Measurement

62-25 Regulations of Stormwater Discharge

62-40 Water Resource Implementation Rule

62-43 Surface Water Improvement and Management Act

62-45 25-Year Permits for Maintenance Dredging in Deepwater Ports

62-107 Short-Term Emergency Response

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62-110 Exceptions to the Uniform Rules of Procedure

62-113 Delegations

62-150 Hazardous Substance Release Notification

62-160 Quality Assurance

62-204 Air Pollution Control - General Provisions

62-210 Stationary Sources - General Requirements

62-212 Stationary Sources - Preconstruction Review

62-213 Operation Permits for Major Sources of Air Pollution

62-214 Requirements for Sources Subject to the Federal Acid Rain Program

62-243 Tampering with Motor Vehicle Air Pollution Control Equipment

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62-252 Gasoline Vapor Control

62-256 Open Burning

62-257 Asbestos Program

62-285 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction

62-296 Stationary Sources - Emission Standards

62-297 Stationary Sources - Emissions Monitoring

62-302 Surface Water Quality Standards

62-303 Identification of Impaired Surface Waters

62-304 Total Maximum Daily Loads

62-305 Total Maximum Daily Load Water Quality Restoration Grants

62-306 Water Quality Credit Trading

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62-312 Dredge and Fill Activities

62-330 Environmental Resource Permitting

62-340 Delineation of the Landward Extent of Wetlands and Surface Waters

62-341 Noticed General Environmental Resource Permits

62-342 Mitigation Banks

62-343 Environmental Resource Permit Procedures

62-344 Delegation of the Environmental Resource Program to Local Goverments

62-345 Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method

62-346 Environmental Resource Permitting in Northwest Florida

62-348 Permitting and Alternative Mitigation for the Mining of High-Quality Peat

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62-503 State Revolving Fund Loan Program

62-505 Small Community Wastewater Facilities Grants

62-520 Ground Water Classes, Standards, and Exemptions

62-521 Wellhead Protection

62-522 Ground Water Permitting and Monitoring Requirements

62-528 Underground Injection Control

62-531 Water Well Contractor Licensing Requirement

62-532 Water Well Permitting and Construction Requirements

62-550 Drinking Water Standards, Monitoring, and Reporting

62-552 State Revolving Fund Program for Drinking Water Facilities

62-555 Permitting, Construction, Operation, and Maintenance of Public Water Systems

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62-560 Requirements for Public Water Systems That are Out of Compliance

62-600 Domestic Wastewater Facilities

62-601 Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant Monitoring

62-602 Water or Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators and Distribution System Operators

62-603 Detergents

62-604 Collection Systems and Transmission Facilities

62-606 Releases from Gambling Vessels

62-610 Reuse of Reclaimed Water and Land Application

62-611 Wetlands Application

62-620 Wastewater Facilities and Activities Permitting

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62-621 Generic Permits

62-624 Municipal Seperate Storm Sewer System

62-625 Pretreatment Requirements for Existing and Other Sources of Pollution

62-640 Biosolids

62-650 Water Quality Based Effluent Limitations

62-660 Industrial Wastewater Facilities

62-670 Feedlot and Dairy Wastewater Treatment and Management Requirements

62-671 Phosphate Mining Waste Treatment Requirements

62-672 Minimum Requirements for Earthen Dams Used in Phosphate Mining and Benefication Operations and for Dikes Used in Phosphogypsum Stack System Impoundments

62-673 Phosphogypsum Management

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62-699 Treatment Plan Classification and Staffing

62-701 Solid Waste Management Facilities

62-704 Certification of Resource Recovery Equipment

62-708 Full Cost Accounting for Solid Waste Management

62-709 Criteria for Organics Processing and Recycling Facilities

62-710 Used Oil Management

62-711 Waste Tire Rule

62-713 Soil Treatment Facilities

62-716 Solid Waste Grants Program

62-722 Regulation of Recovered Materials

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62-730 Hazardous Waste

62-731 County and Regional Hazardous Waste Management Programs

62-737 The Management of Spent Mercury-Containing Lamps and Devices Destined for Recycling

62-740 Petroleum Contact Water

62-761 Unerground Storage Tank Systems

62-762 Aboveground Storage Tank Systems

62-769 Florida Petroleum Liability and Restoration Insurance Program

62-770 Petroleum Contamination Site Cleanup Criteria

62-771 Petroleum Contamination Site Priority Ranking Rule

62-773 Reimbursement for Petroleum Contamination Site Cleanup

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62-777 Contaminant Cleanup Target Levels

62-780 Contaminated Site Cleanup Criteria

62-781 Drycleaning Solvent Cleanup Program

62-782 Drycleaning Solvent Cleanup Criteria

62-785 Brownfields Cleanup Criteria

62-807 Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline Siting

62-814 Electric and Magnetic Fields

62-815 Preservation 2000 Program

62-816 Area of Critical State Concern Program

62-817 Land Acquisition Procedures with Preservation 2000 Funds

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62-818 Florida Forever Program, Grant Application Procedures

62-819 Florida Forever Program, Land Acquisition Procedures

62-820 Stan Mayfield Working Waterfronts Program, Grant Application Procedures

62-821 Stan Mayfield Working Waterfronts Program, Land Acquisition Procedures

62B-26 Metes and Bounds Description of Coastal Construction Control Lines

62B-33 Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems - Rules and Procedures for Coastal Construction and Excavation (Permits for Construction Seaward of the Coastal Construction Control Line and Fifty-Foot Setback)

62B-34 General Permits for Activities Seawards of the Coastal Construction Control Line

62B-36 Beach Management Funding Assitance Program

62B-41 Rules and Procedures for Application for Coastal Construction Permits

62B-49 Joint Coastal Permits and Concurrent Processing of Proprietary Authorizations

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62B-54 Administrative Fines and Damage Liability

62B-55 Model Lighting Ordinance for Marine Turtle Protection

62B-56 Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems- Rules and Procedures for Using Sand-Filled Geotextile Dune Cores (Permits For Construction and Maintenance)

62C-16 Bureau of Mine Reclamation - Mandatory Phosphate Mine Reclamation

62C-17 Master Reclamation Plan for Lands Disturbed by the Severance of Phosphate Prior to July 1, 1975

62C-25 Conservation of Oil and Gas: General

62C-26 Conservation of Oil and Gas: Permitting

62C-27 Conservation of Oil and Gas: Drilling

62C-28 Conservation of Oil and Gas: Production and Flowlines

62C-29 Conservation of Oil and Gas: Injection Wells, Well Workovers, and Abandonments

62C-30 Conservation of Oil and Gas: Wetlands and Submerged Lands

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62C-35 Certification to Administer Reclamation Rules

62C-36 Limestone Reclamation Requirements

62C-37 Heavy Mineral Reclamation Requirements

62C-38 Fuller’s Earth Reclamation Requirements

62C-39 Reclamation Requirements for Solid Resources Other Than Phosphate, Limestone, Heavy Minerals, and Fuller’s Earth

62D-2 Operation of Division Recreation Areas and Facilities

62D-5 Financial Assistance for Outdoor Recreation

62D-15 Myakka River Wild and Scenic River Rule

62S-1 Florida Greenways and Trails Program

62S-2 Recreational Trails Program

62S-3 Operations, Activities and Recreation on Lands Under the Management of the Office of Greenways and Trails

62S-4 Coastal Management Program Coastal Partnership Initiative Grants

62S-5 Coastal Management Program Grants to State Agencies and Water Management Districts

62S-6 Pollutant Discharge Act

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