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Florida Geological Survey - Contacts


Florida Geological Survey
Gunter Building MS#720
903 W. Tennessee St.
Tallahassee, FL 32304-7700
Phone (850) 617-0300

Fax (850) 617-0340

Sinkhole Questions
(850) 617-0301

If you have any questions for any of our staff please e-mail them. To email a staff member, click on the staff name in the list below.  If your email does not launch automatically, email addresses may be entered manually by putting a dot between their first and last names and adding @dep.state.fl.us.

Individual staff may be contacted by phone by dailing 850-617-XXXX, where "XXXX" is the four digit number following the person's name in the chart below.  Staff located in other offices have their full numbers listed.

Members of the News Media : All members of the news media needing technical information or interviews with DEP staff should first contact the DEP Press Office at 850-245-2112. Questions may also be submitted by email to the DEP Office of the Ombudsman and Public Services at : http://www.dep.state.fl.us/secretary/cs/

Please note : Florida has a very broad public records law.  Most written communications to or from state officials regarding state business are public records available to the public and media upon request.  Your e-mail communications may therefore be subject to public disclosure.

Area of Interest Contact Person
Alternate water resources DEP Programs, Dr. Jonathan Arthur 0320
Analytical chemistry Cindy Fischler 0319
Aquifers District Geologist, DEP Programs
Aquifer storage and recovery Cindy Fischler 0319,
Dr. Stuart Norton ; DEP Programs
Aquifer vulnerability Alan Baker 0337
Basement (Sub-Floridan) geology Dr. Jonathan Arthur 0320
Coastal Geology and Sedimentology Dan Phelps 0313, Dr. Christopher Williams 0317
Drilling - Oil and Gas Wells Ed Garrett 850-245-8848
Drilling - Stratigraphic Core Drilling Program David Paul 850-245-3131
Dye tracing Tom Greenhalgh 0330
Environmental Education and Public Outreach Dr. Christopher Williams 0317 or Frank Rupert 0334
Environmental Issues (not Complaints or Enforcement) District Geologist
Fossils Frank Rupert 0334 or Guy Means 0312
Forensic geology District Geologist
Geoarcheology Guy Means 0312
Geochemistry Cindy Fischler 0319
Geologic carbon sequestration Dr. Jonathan Arthur 0320
Geologic hazards (general) District Geologist 
Geologic nomenclature Guy Means 0312, Rick Green 0318 or District Geologist
Geophysics Dan Phelps 0313
Geophysical log availability  Alan Baker 0337 or District Geologist
GIS related issues (including GIS databases) Alan Baker 0337 or Seth Bassett 0335
Groundwater District Geologist and DEP Programs
Ground penetrating radar (GPR) Dan Phelps 0313
Hydrogeochemistry Cindy Fischler, 0319 or Dr. Stuart Norton
Hydrogeology District Geologist
Hydrogeologic modelling Dr. Stuart Norton or Jim Cichon 0335
Hydrostratigraphic nomenclature Dr. Jonathan Arthur 0320 or District Geologist
Industrial minerals Tom Greenhalgh 0330 or Clint Kromhout 0332
Injection wells Cindy Fischler 0319, DEP Programs
Karst Geology District Geologist
Library Services Doug Calman 0316
Lithologic logs District Geologist
Mineral Rights Issues  Tom Greenhalgh 0330 or Clint Kromhout 0332
Mineralogy Rick Green 0318, Cindy Fischler 0319 or Guy Means 0312
Mining and mineral resource assessments Tom Greenhalgh 0330 or Clint Kromhout 0332
Monitor Wells David Paul 850-245-3131
National Geologic and Geophysical Data Preservation Program Michelle Ladle 0314
News media contact DEP Press Office 850-245-2112, Dr. Jonathan Arthur 0320, Guy Means 0312
Oil and Gas Issues Ed Garrett 850-245-8848, Dr. Jonathan Arthur 0320
Paleontology Frank Rupert 0334 or Guy Means 0312
Peat and other organic matter Guy Means 0312
Phosphate mining Tom Greenhalgh 0330 or Clint Kromhout 0332
Potentiometric surface mapping Jim Cichon 0335
Publications Doug Calman 0316
Public policy Dr. Jonathan Arthur 0320
Radon Rick Green 0318
Sample collections and repository Jesse Hurd 850-245-3124, David Paul 850-245-3131, or District Geologist
Scanning electron microscope and microprobe Cindy Fischler 0319 or Dr. Jonathan Arthur 0320
Sedimentology Dan Phelps 0313 or Dr. Christopher Williams 0317
Sinkholes (See also “Subsidence Incidence Reports”) Sinkhole Group 0301 or District Geologist
Soils Guy Means 0312
Springs Guy Means 0312 or Tom Greenhalgh 0330
STATEMAP (National Cooperative Geological Mapping Program) Rick Green 0318 or Dr. Christopher Williams 0317
Structural geology District Geologist
Subsidence incident reports and database Clint Kromhout 0332
Water Quality issues Tom Greenhalgh 0330
Web Site Inquiries Frank Rupert 0334

Last updated: September 03, 2014

  903 W. Tennessee Street   Tallahassee, Florida 32304   850-617-0300 (phone)  850-617-0341 (fax)
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