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Research and Monitoring Highlights

Research Helps Us Understand Our Environment...

Rookery Bay Researcher Studying Mangroves

Research is the foundation of resource management. It provides information about natural processes and the effects of our activities--knowledge we need to make effective resource management decisions. Therefore, this information is made available to the public and is interpreted in our education programs.

Research Addresses Practical Issues...

The Florida Coastal Office conducts and supports scientific research that helps us to better understand the:

  • Effects of dock shading on aquatic grasses,
  • Effects of trimming mangrove trees,
  • Role of estuary waters on fishing
  • Nesting requirements of shore birds,
  • Sources of pollution that affect oysters,
  • Effective methods of habitat restoration
  • Effects of pesticides on marine animals

Monitoring helps us recognize changes...

By regularly measuring certain environmental conditions, early detection of improvement or decline is possible. Research projects and management actions result from monitoring:

Researcher Monitoring Water Conditions

These include:

  • Changes in water quality,
  • Abundance and diversity of fish populations,
  • Natural replenishment of corals and sponges,
  • The effects of boat propellers on shallow seagrasses,
  • Effects of freshwater diversion on estuarine habitats.

Research at Sites

Aquatic Preserves

National Estuarine Research Reserves

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