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Resource Management Highlights

Resource Management Naturally Improves Your Quality of Life

A Controlled Burn

The Florida Coastal Office focuses on issues that affect the health of habitats in and around saltwater and freshwater areas. We address these issues by:

  • Using prescribed fire
  • Managing human activities
  • Removing exotic plants and animals
  • Promoting land acquisition
  • Restoring upland and aquatic habitats

Healthy Ecosystems...

  • Control floods
  • Purify drinking water
  • Reduce the risk of wildfires
  • Protect shorelines from erosion
  • Sustain commercial and recreational activities
  • Buffer against wind and water damage from storms

Tidal Creek in the Big Bend

Government alone cannot manage natural resources...

Resource management works better when we work together. Whether in our homes or in our communities, acting responsibly will meet our needs for a healthy environment.

Balanced, common-sense management can happen only through partnerships. Florida Coastal Office sites have established or want to develop volunteer programs, citizen support organizations, and partnerships with businesses, industries, other government agencies, and you!

Rookery Bay Volunteers

Rookery Bay volunteers conduct mangrove restoration

Aquatic Preserves

National Estuarine Research Reserves

Last updated: December 08, 2016

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