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Environmental Education Highlights

Education Programs Prepare You to Make Wise Decisions

Understanding the complexities of our resources and learning how we affect these resources, for better and for worse, will improve how we manage our environment. Whether you are a homeowner, student, teacher, land use planner, business owner, landowner, fisherman, boater, visitor, or member of a special interest group, we have innovative programs and products designed to meet your needs.

Learning opportunities are interesting and relevant...

  • While hiking in a coastal pineland, your group discusses how prescribed fires reduce the risk of wildfires.
  • By measuring the oxygen content in a local river, your club collects useful data and learns how various activities affect water quality.
  • By "building" an ocean in your classroom, you are encouraged to think about biological diversity.
Class in boat

Catch on dock

You'll have a chance to learn...

  • How your local economy depends on a healthy environment;
  • How research is used to make management decisions;
  • How household, business, and recreational activities help and hurt the environment in your community;
  • More about your local environment.

The information will help you...

  • Understand how animals, plants, people, and habitats interact;
  • Appreciate your natural surroundings;
  • Participate in decisions about local environmental issues;
  • Act in ways that help your environment.




Last updated: December 08, 2016

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