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Central District

DEP's Central District, under Director Jeff Prather, is committed to working proactively to:

*  Create strong community partnerships

*  Safeguard natural resources

*  Enhance ecosystems


The district covers an 8 county area spanning over 9,000 square miles.


It is a diverse mixture of people and natural resources:

Population: 3.5 million people

14 state parks

Major industry (tourism, health care, aerospace, defense, manufacturing)

*  4 first-magnitude springs

A busy seaport

North America's most diverse estuary


To contact us:

DEP Central District

3319 Maguire Blvd

Orlando, Florida 32803




Email us at: DEP_CD@DEP.state.fl.us


Telephone directory - DEP Central District


 Organizational chart - DEP Central District



Silver Springs - one of the district's 4 first-magnitude springs

Wedgefield Resources  



Successes, Continuous Improvement, Achievements, and lessons learned

o   Quality permits in the shortest time possible:  The permitting program continued to keep average time-to-process an application under 10-days. Also, they continued to capitalize and build on efficiencies such as pre-application meetings, triaging applications, and maximizing personal contact with applicants.  All of this represents significant improvement over the past five years.


o   Working proactively - Wekiva Protection Area nitrogen reduction effort: Reducing nitrogen discharges in the spring shed is a vital part of improving the Wekiva River. In April 2016, tighter requirements take effect for ten more plants in the recharge area, and the district is providing early outreach and guidance to all ten. This has resulted in two plants (Oak Springs and Lake Fairview Manor) choosing to hook up to larger plants that can meet the tighter standards sooner. 

o   Enthusiastic about outreach:  To achieve “the highest compliance rates,” you have to prevent violations before they occur. In the past quarter, the district conducted 37 outreach efforts that reached over 1,000 people. Noteworthy district outreach efforts include workshops for water plant operators that focused on the most common types of non-compliance and how to avoid them. And it included workshops on protecting mangroves (so important as habitat, and protected by Florida law). And presentations that emphasized faster cleanups and re-purposing contaminated and under-used land.

o   Building cost savings - the guidance that keeps on giving:  For the quarter, the District received about 175 water applications electronically. A consultant from the Villages estimated that his clients save about $275 per application each time he applies electronically. For the quarter, that’s about $48,000 in savings – all attributable to innovative guidance developed by staff within the district.

o   Building efficiency in the District’s “Business Hub”: In 2014, the District’s Business Program set an ambitious goal – to improve the speed with which they process outgoing correspondence from 72 minutes to 65 minutes. This goal represented a 10% improvement.  Since then, it is fair to say that the Business Program has blown this goal out of the water.  In the most recent quarter, they processed outgoing correspondence in an average of just over 20 minutes – an improvement which has opened the way to other potential improvements not envisioned in 2014.



For the second consecutive year, Central District staff spent the afternoon with Orange County residents and elected officials at the county's "Animalversary" event held at the Back to Nature Refuge & Education Center. More than 230 people spun the district's Environmental Wheel. Participants with the correct answer won a state park pass.

Central District booth at Animalversary


Left: Kim Rush, Jenny FarrellCentral District Director Jeff Prather, Permitting Administrator Kim Rush (L), Jenny Farrell and other staff attended the grand opening for Anuvia - a new facility that converts biosolids into slow-releasing plant nutrient fertilizer products. The facility was a first for the state in many areas: it uses new technology, creates an innovative fertilizer product and has spent millions of dollars on a state-of-the-art odor control system. The district's permitting team was instrumental in getting the facility up and running.



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Central District

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Last updated: June 13, 2016

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